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The Whale Route

Enjoy a scenic coastal drive via Gordons Bay and Betty's bay, returning via Sir Lowreys Pass and experience the beauty of Majestic Southern Right Whales basking in the warm waters off the Hermanus coastline.

• Gordon’s Bay, Pringle Bay and Betty’s Bay
• Harold Porter Botanical Gardens
• Hamilton Russel Wine Estate (except on Sundays)
• Hermanus
• Land based whale watching
• Optional boat trip
• Elgin
• Sir Lowry’s Pass

The Tour at a Glance!

Whale Route Tour - One of the highlights!

The Southern Right Whale is a migratory whale, which means that they spend one season in one place and the rest of the year in another, and travel long distances between these seasons. In summer (December through May), they are in the cold polar regions of the Southern Hemisphere where food (mainly krill) is present and in quantity. Winters (June through November) are spent around the shallow coastal waters off Hermanus and False Bay, South America and Australia.
Our coast is exactly what they need during this season.The shallow, sandy-bottomed and sheltered bays are perfect for mating, calving, nursing their young and resting.